DPNA company at Farete exhibition in Bologna



Farete with an eight-year history has been started since 2012 and is providing international cooperation opportunities to many companies in Italy every year. The 8th Farete exhibition was held on September 4-5 in Bologna, Italy, with over 1,700 visitors, 800 exhibitors, and 110 international investors from 30 countries. Farete Exhibition is an opportunity for all global companies in every field to expose their products and services to the public and explore opportunities for cooperation and export with other countries and companies. DPNA, which has started its export activities in Italy since 2018, was able to introduce the Boustan software to other countries participating in the exhibition from Europe and Asia. One of the achievements at the fair has been the opportunity to invest and collaborate with Almacub, Ipars company, and negotiate with the universities of Bologna in Italy and Herat University in Afghanistan.

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DPNA Knowledge-based Company was launched in 2016 with private investment.
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